1. The affection of the coronavirus

  2. Know Your vendors

  3. Continue the business


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#1. The affection of the coronavirus


Since the coronavirus has been outbreak for these times, we’ve seen the changes in life and our business. For a new starter hair business owner, especially for a physical store owner, many people closed the salon store or hair extensions store during this time, the direct effect is that you could not run the business as usual. If you have been affected by this virus, please stay at home to keep healthy and away from the coronavirus. If you need to go out, please stay away from other people to avoid catching the coronavirus.

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#2. Stay connected with your hair vendors.


If your hair business has been affected by the virus, just stay home and continue to work with your workmates to make the profits, and find your business hair vendors online, you can contact with your hair vendors by the email, message, phone… Check the new arrivals on their websites or stay connected with their sales. In this time, China has controlled the outbreak of the virus, and most of the hair manufactures has been restarted to produce the hair extensions with machines, so if your hair suppliers are from China, you don’t need to worry about the problem of the hair sources and stock.



In the meantime, you can share your business status with your vendors, and find the ways that can support your business. If they can help you make an online drop shipping business, it can help you a lot when you just start your online business. For people who without a website to show the products, please connect with hair vendors, maybe they have some business service to help you create your brand website.



#3. To continue the hair business, what can we do?


  •  Create your post frequently.


As we know, people stay at home to live and work, they must have the most time to view the online messages, maybe some peoples are boring at home, each hair brand owners don’t lose the chance to share your products and business service on the web, you must be noticed by your customers that your business is still running, and let them know you can ship the packages so that they can still place the orders with you.


Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, and more social platforms can easily boost your post to your customers, or you can also create some chat groups to invite your retuning customers and share the products info, your business status on the groups, chatting with them, let them still support your hair extensions business. This is an effective way to show your business status.


  •  Email marketing for your sales


Sending out the different emails to your customers who accept your email marketing, just create some sales and offer the discount to increase the open rate, and list your hot-selling products, or what you can offer to your customers, what the trends of these days…


And send out an email at a regular time, this can let them know your sending time, it is a memory point to let them notice your events. Try to analyze which contents that they like, and how the sales can lead to the conversions.



  • Live stream


Video is the direct way to show the product and your company shot some videos and share to your audiences, if you have more time, you can try to create the live stream to promote your sales and interact with your followers and focus on the questions that the viewers asking. It is no doubt that a live stream can quickly bring more new visitors and grow your business. If you want to be closer to your customers, this is the way you can do, and you don’t need to prepare, just talk with your customers with the products, the company status, the events, and answer the questions that they want to know.



Self-care is the most important thing, work from home can still maintain your business, take the chance to obtain more orders online.



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