Top trends of hair extensions in 2020

As fashion is something that keeps changing, women's hair extensions also change with fashion trends. When you look through the fashion magazine, the trends can be easily shown. Changes in the content of fashion magazines, updated models' modeling, you find that many people have the same novel hairstyles. When the women say they want to have a new look, not meaning wearing the new fashion clothing, a new hairstyle can make you with a significant change. As people say, if you want to change your style, you need to have a hairstyle. Change is about to start from scratch, which means our hairstyle is important. Below, hair extensions can make your style more divided, to get the new hair extensions trend, you can see the celebrity and fashion bloggers, salon stylists.

As a hair business boss, giving more choices for your customers can grow your business, and how to make more choices? You need to take some time to see what hair extension is trending now, and find the sources of the related products to sell, then you can make more profits.

We have worked with many hairstylists for many years, and they are glad to send what hairstyle customers like to us. We follow the trends to design and create the new hair extensions and send the test to produce at our hair factory, and I collect the new trend hair extensions to share for the hair business boss.

1. Color highlighting

Billie Eilish harvesting trophy at Grammy Music Awards, as a hot singer, she has the dazzling singing power and hairstyle, this green color combining the black color, giving her a special look, when we think the green and black hair color contrasting, she is coming on our minds. The bold color look can make you more unique than many girls pursuit this look.

2. Jagged edge bob

This bob hairstyle is popular and you can see the difference between the basic bob hair. The trending Jagged edge bob hair cuts require multiple levels of pruning, and it is perfect for many colors, the texture is a new upgrade than before. This is the hot trend that you can choose to make a new look.

3. Long blonde hair with black color


Gold straight hair with some black, this shape makes you stand out like a goddess, this hair cover is suitable for black-skinned goddesses, it is a high-end and sexy look.


4. Red color hair 


Gorgeous red color hair is more attractive to others, and passionate red can bring more visual impact. For women who dare to express themselves, red hair is definitely your first choice.


5.Showing Off Natural Texture


2020 A new look of natural relaxation, That's because the texture will continue to be a big topic in 2020. Instead of super-sleek, over-styled hair, we're going to see the more natural texture, whether that means tousled and relaxed hair or curly and coily hair. Whatever your natural texture is, embrace it! Instead of taking it away with heat tools, accentuate it with heat tools. 


In this new year, we can see a lot of new fashion trends, which means that we must follow this trend, but let us see the diversity and change of fashion. If we are the boss of the hair business, We should pay more attention to follow the fashion trend of the hair extensions industry, and add new products to our sales, so that we can attract more customers who follow the trend and gain more profits. This blog will be continuously updated with the latest hair industry information, so stay tuned and leave your valuable suggestions.

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