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 How to start Hair Extensions Store?


Don’t know how to start with your hair extension business?

Why hair extension business has been the trend for these years?

Do you have some ideas about opening an offline store to earn money?

          Just see this passage, you can find the solution to be a hair extensions store owner.

          Move on!



          How to start a hair business store?

          In 3 parts as below

          1. Research your hair products with market trend


          Nowadays, the demand for people on the living standard is higher and higher, most women are looking for high-quality hair. In the market, there are 3 different grades: 8A, 10A, 12A. But only the 10A luxury quality hair becomes the most popular grade, cause of the good quality and affordable price.

          TedHair 10A luxury hair can be permed, dyed, re-styled and bleached to #613(not very pure), also can last about 2-4 yrs if with proper care. 8A hair is in low quality, only for daily used, it only can be dyed to # 1. Meanwhile, it just lasts about 6-12months if with proper care. 12A premium quality hair is very easier to bleach to a very pure color #613, and is super soft and silkier. It can be last about 3-5yrs if with proper care, but its price is kind of expensive, only suitable for the high-end market.

          Thus, if you were new in the hair business, we would like to suggest you start with 10A grade luxury hair, it can meet the needs of most people, which would be easier for getting into the hair business.

          • Hot sale textures
          Base on the 8 textures (straight, body wave, deep curly, deep wave, loose wave, kinky curly, loose curly and Italy curly), the hot sale textures would be Straight, Body wave, Deep wave and deep curly, especially straight and body wave. The curly texture in the short length in the summertime is the popular one.

          • Hot sale lengths

          About the length, people would prefer to choose 14”-24” for starting, especially 16”18”20”. Usually, people purchase 3 different lengths bundles and a closure or frontal to make a full head. So if you want to do some promotions as your grand opening, we think you can make the deal like 16”18”20”+14” closure.


          Find your store source here:

          Bundle, Closure&Frontal, Wig, #613 Blonde item


          2. Select your reliable supplier to help your business


          How to select the best hair products supplier for your store, you need to compare many suppliers and find which one is suitable to be your business partner.
          There are some factors for you to keep in mind, then you can find a reliable supplier at the least time.

          Firstly, you can see their websites to get a quick view of this supplier.

          A better supplier must have their US local warehouse and office to receive customers so that you can come to their office to see the hair products in a quick time. Moreover, you can place the order with the supplier face to face. TedHair establishs three USA warehouse, we offer the best one to one customer service to give you the best business service.

          Secondly, you need to check their factory and product quality.

          Only the factory gets the hair product quality certification, the supplier can provide you the high-quality hair products. To let your customers buy at many times, your products must be high-quality. TedHair China Factory can meet your need, we produce top-quality hair products to help people' business.

          Thirdly, get a better price from your supplier.

          To save more cost for your store business, you can cooperate with your supplier to get a factory price, then you can win more customers from your store. 


          3. Promote business in your local city

          When you start a new store in your city, you can invite some family&friends to your store. They can give you some suggestions if they play a role as your store customers. Like the store design and decoration, and putting of the products, the store owner's service to customers...You can get some operating store ideas from your customers.

          Hold some events of your store: products on sale, old customers reward, give a discount to a customer who promotes your store, holiday event...


          With Ted Hair's solutions you will get:

          • 100% virgin human hair with cuticle intact

          • Wholesale prices

          • Flexible online ordering and fast shipping

          • 7-Day return and exchange guarantee

          • Educational opportunities