How to find a wholesale hair vendor?

If you are a new beginner of hair business owner, the most important thing is finding a reliable hair vendor to support your business. A good vendor can help your business on providing you premium hair products and give you a cheaper wholesale price and satisfy customer service.


As we all know, hair business has been really competitive for these years, if you are preparing the hair business, you need to know the best way to find a wholesale hair vendor and get the hot-selling hair extensions sources.


Today, I will list you some ways of how to find the best reliable virgin hair vendor, just keep reading this article, and find the best way here.


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1. Keywords Searching

There are many wholesale hair vendors with their own website, thus, the simplest way to find a wholesale hair vendor is searching on Google, just use some hot hair business keywords, and you can get the result.

For example, you can enter “Wholesale hair vendors”, “ virgin hair suppliers” into the search file, then google can give back the results to you. In the hair business industry, you can text more keywords to find more results, then you can get more info. Sometimes, you can see that the Ads below the search file, you can also take a look at these websites.

In the following, you can see the real wholesale websites as listing, you need to take some time to browse these sites to know these sites. Click the “about us” to get the company information, and view the other contact info or service page, product page, then you can have a general understanding of these suppliers.


To determine whether these companies are scammers, you can go to the footer menu, and see their shopping protection page, company introduction page, their local office and security protection page. Before paying for the order, you can search the company name on Google, then you can have a comprehensive understanding. Longer the company operating, more reliable of this supplier.

Moreover, you can contact this company, to get in touch with the company staff, and find more info on this company. Just email and call a phone number to the company, or send your inquiry to the company, most of the company will get back to you as soon as possible, then you will know the company's business through communication.



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2. On the wholesale forum


If you are a lonely business owner on the hair business, the wholesale forum is someplace where you can find the person of the same occupation, you can ask some questions and get help from some experienced people, on the same time, you can also find what other people ask, and see their questions, if you always use your spare time to browse the useful questions, you will find the core of hair extensions business. And how to find the reliable hair vendor, some posts may list this info for the new beginner. Here I list some forums for you to search:


Ask and search the wholesale hair extensions vendors, find the guide directly.

The hot and trendy forum that has many users talking about hair extensions.



3. Social Media


There is no doubt that many business owners have their social pages to share their business for their clients, so just open some social media platforms, then put your keywords and you can get the related hair vendors, and give a look to this page to see their business post. Some suppliers show their company videos, and products on their social pages, it is the direct way to get in touch with wanted hair suppliers, give an online message or comment, see their new arrivals, it is an easy way. But it takes you some time to make a decision on which company, it worth.

Trendy social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube, Pinterest…

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4. Go to the business show in your area


Every year, we can buy a ticket to attend some off-line business show/fair in many countries, you can see many suppliers Attending trade shows demonstrating their company's business, it is the chance for you to take a look of these suppliers, you can talk with the suppliers face to face, and see their products directly. Thus, it is a direct way to compare suppliers. To know the showtime, you can follow some show preview info of the hair /beauty show.


After reading this article, you will find the way to find your trusted hair extensions suppliers, and this way that needs you to have a calm mind, and compare each supplier, when you are familiar with the hair business, you will know which supplier can suit you.


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