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How to Start Wholesale Business in 5 Steps?

We are offering the business service to help you create your brand and boost your business. If you have ideas for starting your wholesale business but don't know how to do, don't worry, you can find some helpful business guide here. No matter you are a new wholesaler without any experience, even not enough inventory of your business, or get hard in your business, your business can run well after learning this guide. Let's start learning!

How to Start Wholesale Business?

5 simple steps as below


1. Market trends and how to get started

    • According to our company's shipping records and feedback from our customers, body wavy, straight, and deep curly, length 16-22 inch bundles are popular in GA. As winter is coming, the long length such as 18-26 inch wig become more and more popular. If you are the first time to do hair business, we recommend that start the Afro beauty business, sell online is a low investment and get high profit.

2. Market positioning (Caucasian product + African-American product)

According to our 10yrs experience, we suggest to start with bundles and closures first, cause the investment risk is lower than selling both, also you can know how is your client's feedback. Meanwhile, you can obtain more and more clients, and win some loyal clients. When your business going well, then you can consider expending your hair business to a Caucasian market.

3. Investment funds

TedHair's 10yrs hair business experience, most people would invest about $1000~$2000 to start a hair business. In order to help people to start their business, Tedhair made several packages deals to help them get into the hair business. Those package deals are all based on the market trends, which included hot sale bundles, closure, frontal, colored hair, and wigs.

4. Find a reliable vendor

  • You can get a sample pack from TedHair, wear it for testing the hair quality, also could take some photos to upload on your Facebook or Instagram, which let your friends and family know you are starting a hair business. Or feel free to visit our warehouse & office located in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, welcome to see the product quality and get the best service by yourself.

5. Brand building and customize services

To build up your own brand, you should have your own logo and brand name, then you can do labels, tags, and bags, which can upgrade your product and easier to attract people’s eyes. TedHair offers customized services, you can just send us your logo and brand name, then we will help you design the labels, or tags or bags.

6. How to promote your brand

  • Social medias page.

  • Set up your Facebook page and Instagram page, and link the advertising tool to your page. (Find your market and audience to test, collect the customers info and publish the new adds to market again)
  • Get SEO traffic to your wholesale website.

  • You can learn some SEO lessons to set your website and rank your website on Google search result, then you can get more and more traffic to your website.

7. Customer success case sharing

A. Customer From Alabama - Lady.

  • ① Started hair business in the beginning of 2017.
  • ② A new hair stylist - Wig maker. (3 months)
  • ③ Set up brand name and logo.
  • ④ Make wig herself and install.
  • ⑤ Take photos, show on Facebook and Instagram.
  • ⑥ Make an appointment and pay 50% deposit for the new wigs.
  • ⑦ Take photos after finished the wigs, and pay 50% when pick up or ship the wigs.
  • ⑧ Expand the hair business through website and do some advertising.
  • ⑨ Selling hair bundles, closure, frontal, also wigs.
  • ⑩ Order once every two weeks and be successful in December 2017, until now.

B. Customer From Florida - Man.

  • ① Hair Store Started in the end of 2017.
  • ② Learn more about hair. (1 months)
  • ③ Order a sample, and test it with professional hair stylist.
  • ④ Do some market research and collect the feedback from friends, neighbors and stylists.
  • ⑤ Find an address and decorate the store.
  • ⑥ Build up brand name and logo.
  • ⑦ Stock hair over 200pcs once every two weeks for selling.
  • ⑧ Short length for summer, long length for winter.
  • ⑨ Selling hair bundles, closure, frontal, also wigs to the people in Florida, also the Island.
  • ⑩ Be Successful in March, 2018, until now.