Tips and Tutorial About Hair Extensions

TEDHAIR collects all the tips and tutorial of hair extensions, you can view the videos as below, then you can get the simplest ways to install or care your hair extensions.

Despite how well maintained our bundles are, summer is still on the rise. During the hot and humid summer months, wearing a weave can get sweaty, smelly, itchy, and matted. How do you prevent all of this? How do you take care of your high-quality bundles? Below are some dos to keep your bundles beautiful!

  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. During these hot and humid summers, you have to take special care of your scalp. Your hair can easily mildew from the sweat and oils released from your body.
  2. When going to the beach or pool, what should you do before getting in the water. And, after getting out of the water? Going to the beach with your extensions can be awesome. You get the benefit of getting in the water and getting out without your hair becoming a full afro. However, after getting out of the pool, apply a light oil on your hair to help with any dryness from the sun. Other than that, just brush through your hair to prevent tangles and towel dry.
  3. Wash your hair more often! You sweat more during the summer, so you’ll need to wash your hair more often. Ask your VIP stylist which products they recommend for keeping your hair and scalp clean. Once the weather cools off again, you can go back to your typical shampooing schedule.


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