Using TikTok to Boost Your Hair Business!

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The topic of today’s article is how to use TikTok to boost your hair business. To talk about this topic, we list the related content as below, just take a quick view.

A quick view of the content:
  • 1. What is TikTok?
  • 2. Why TikTok is trending now?
  • 3. Why you should use TikTok to promote your business?
  • 4. The ways to operate a TikTok account and find your audience?
  • 5. Conclusion.

1. What is TikTok?

If you are surfing on social internet, you can see that a popular APP calls TikTok, What is TikTok? If your friends and family are uploading their videos on this APP, maybe you will quickly realize how popular it is.

On the internet, the strong wind of “TikTok” attracts most people to make their short videos and share them on this platform. And TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video, it is the foreign version of China “TikTok”. The China Version of “TikTok” has gained more than 400 million daily active users, and this APP has a top amount of users and app downloads. With this social wind and the popularity, foreign version of “TikTok” have also taken off.

Short-form mobile video-sharing social APP, you can create your own video with the music, filters, headdress, and share your video on the platform, if you have gained the large amount “likes”, you can have more followers.


2. Why TikTok is trending now?

It likes Facebook, Instagram, Youtube these Social Apps, if you found your friends and family are gaining fun on this social APP, you may be curious about this. And the popularity of “TikTok” can show the trendy of the mobile social, especially in the short-form mobile video. Most people like to view the short time video with funny background music, and the program algorithm can calculate how long time you see which type of the videos, and show this type videos to you, this recommend behaviors based on user preferences, and the users would like to spend more time on the App, the brainwashing background music can make the users more addicted to videos.
 TikTok the most downloaded app

According to the TikTok Stats as below, we can see the users are more and more with a high rapid, and more and more celebrities join, it can attract more users to use this App. And the advantage of short videos is that you can use your fragmented time to watch, without spending up to a minute, you can harvest a laugh.
Cr: Sensor Tower

3. Why you should use TikTok to promote your business?


If you just start your hair extension business, you need to promote your business brand or your products to your audiences, and in the past of the time, many business bosses like to use Facebook page, youtube video, Instagram posts to show your products and service to your customers, the new social media is trending, it seems that your audiences are may on there, if you can take your advantages to promote and attract your audiences, it will be a chance for you to boost your hair business. In addition, hair extension business is including beauty and women fashion, your customers will spend much time on the social media platforms, so don’t miss the chance and start your page to win more profits.

4. The ways to operate a TikTok account and find your audience?

  • Content of the video.

Tap to Create Your First Short Video popup on TikTok
Short-form mobile video sharing means that you don’t need to shot a long time video to show the products, it has better to be 15 seconds. And the background music selecting, if you choose the music that most people using, you can explode your videos to more viewers. And you can research the trending video on TikTok, you will find that the trending video is in the same content, use the same music, join the same events, but if you have your own attractive place, it is the point to make you unique.

TikTok encourages the users to upload the original videos and the official program will put your videos to the home recommendation, this is the chance to gain more viewers, likes, and followers.

And for the hair business, you can find your beautiful staff or yourself to be the video role, just show the ‘before &after’ by using your hair bundles, and the difference can capture more attention.
  • The regular time to upload your videos.

If you just join in the TikTok, a regular time to create your video, and upload your video is needed, if you forget your account, and upload the video from time to time, your followers will lose. TikTok official will recommend the user videos for the user's regular time sharing the video. And you users will have a habit to view your video every day, this can increase fan stickiness.
  • Join the events to get more views.

TikTok always creates events to encourage join the events, and you can use the event hashtag, if your video is high likes, you don’t need to worry about the views. Just view the trending videos page, you can realize that most of the popular videos are joining the TikTok events and get more views, thus to explode your account and show the videos to your audiences.
 tiktok discover 

In conclusion, create a TikTok account is not a difficult thing, what I say is take the chance to promote your hair extensions to your audiences, if you have many followers, your business will promote. The way of promoting your account is always changing, you must concern about the trending social changes and post what your users like. 
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